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TTS3 – Toronto Tree Share, Socialize, Seek

Organized by Antony Upward, an engaged ward 32 resident, TTS3 is a unique event for all Toronto Tree people to Share with each other, Socialize with each other, and Seek out help to solve collective problems.

You can learn about

  • What other neighbourhood tree groups are doing? 
  • How are other groups tackling the threat to ~8% of all Trees in Toronto – the Emerald Ash Borer?
  • What organizations who work to support our urban forest are doing?
Now is your chance to help get your answers and create that future!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 at 7:00 PM

Naval Club of Toronto
1910 Gerrard St. East, just West of Woodbine on Gerrard, South of Woodbine Station

For full details and to register for this unique event –

Main Square Beautification Project

In July, the Councillor’s Office organized a Main Square Madness Party for local residents.  The area residents, the Councillor, and her staff got their hands dirty and began the process of beautifying a garden (behind the recreation centre).  As well, Monica donated her time to paint some innovative murals for the area.  The beautification project is now complete!  Check out the pictures below.  If you get a chance, visit the site and enjoy its new look.

BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

Additional Pictures

Councillor McMahon adding mulch to garden      Councillor’s Office staff helped beautify the garden

Monica painting a mural                                                Mural painted using silhouettes of children in the area

More murals by Monica  

FREE Movie in the Park

Summer is not over so don’t put away your lawn chair just yet.  Bring it out to this year’s last MOVIE IN THE PARK — Shrek the Third — on Sat, Sept.15, 8:00 pm @ Stephenson Park

Opportunity for Public Review & Comments – August 10 to September 24, 2012

Toronto Water has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study for the Don River and Central Waterfront Project.   The Class EA study addresses the issue of stormwater and combined sewer overflows, which are discharged to the Don River and Central Waterfront during wet weather events, resulting in the degradation of water quality and impacting our environment.

Building on the recommendations of the City’s Wet Weather Flow Master Plan (approved by City Council in 2003), the Class EA study has defined the problems/opportunities, identified and evaluated alternatives, and determined a preferred solution and design in consultation with the public, review agencies, and other stakeholders.   The Class EA study recommends new infrastructure to intercept and treat polluted stormwater and combined sewer overflows before they discharged to the Don River, Inner Harbour, and Taylor Massey Creek.  The recommended solution also addresses sanitary servicing needs by integrating improvements to the City’s sanitary trunk sewer infrastructure and wet weather flow controls into one complete system.  When fully implemented, the project will achieve significant improvements in water quality in the lower Don River and Inner Harbour, and provide for safety of operation for the City’s critical sanitary trunk sewer infrastructure.

The Environmental Study Report (ESR), which documents the findings and recommendations of the Class EA study is being placed on the public record for a 45-day review period from August 10 to September 24, 2012.  The ESR (pdf. files) will be available on the study website at starting on August 10, 2012.  The ESR (hard copies) will also be available for public review starting August 10th at various libraries throughout the study area.

More information about the Don River and Central Waterfront Class EA study is available on the City’s website at
If you have any questions about the Class EA study and/or the 45-day public review process,  please contact James Yacoumidis at or 416-392-8834.