About Mary-Margaret

Mary-Margaret McMahon, Councillor Ward 32

Mary-Margaret McMahon is an activist, a realist and a champion of community and collectivism. A catalyst of change, she is a natural connector and fights hard for what she believes in.

Councillor McMahon is committed to nurturing the integrity of Ward 32 and this vibrant city through a sustainable partnership between community and councillors. She believes in uniting the city to face challenges together, where good things come from combined engagement and efforts. She’s loyal to citizens, good ideas and effective execution. Councillor McMahon is committed to working hard on all her campaign promises, not only for the common good of all Ward 32 constituents, but for all residents of Toronto.

To date, Councillor McMahon has, among many other undertakings,

  • Coordinated the creation of the Queen Street East Urban Design Guidelines, changing the way development applications are treated in the neighbourhood;
  • Supported opening a conversation on implementing term limits for councillors to renew City Council with fresh faces and innovative ideas;
  • Encouraged policies to encourage entrepreneurial urban agriculture in Toronto, as part of the City’s new GrowTO Action Plan.

Councillor McMahon continues to champion issues such as:

  • Improving transparency at City Hall and cutting red tape to find feasible solutions to important issues;
  • Supporting community groups and parks friends in Ward 32 to animate our public spaces;
  • Finding stable, long term, and achievable transit plans with appropriate funding sources;
  • Supporting Toronto to achieve 70 per cent (70%) of solid waste diversion from landfills;
  • Investing in Toronto’s cycling infrastructure with safe and sustainable bike lanes for cyclists;
  • Continuing her work as an urban agriculture leader finding creative solutions for healthy urban foods.

Her unwavering passion for Ward 32 was, perhaps, best exemplified in the October 2010 municipal election, where she was elected councillor by one of the biggest landslides against a formidable three-term incumbent and former deputy mayor, as well as five other candidates.

Prior to being elected to City Council, Councillor McMahon’s passion for fostering community drove her to create the East Lynn Park Farmer’s Market to improve access to healthy foods and stimulate the economy along the Danforth. She also fought successfully to have pesticides banned in the City of Toronto.

Born and raised in Collingwood, Ont., Councillor McMahon’s father was the town’s mayor for eight years and her mother, a tireless community activist and volunteer. Councillor McMahon is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Ottawa’s Carleton University, and has taught English as a second language in both Canada and Japan.

Send your questions and concerns to Councillor McMahon by emailing or following her on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Pete Eastmure says:

    Please call us to assist our family with a noise complaint to understand the Municipal By-Laws in regards to neighbours.
    We are at 577 Coxwell.

    Thank you.


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