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Councillor McMahon on the Expansion of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Councillor McMahon does not support extending the runway at Billy Bishop Airport.

The vision for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has always been a local airport to handle short flights with small propeller planes. The tripartite agreement between the City of Toronto, Toronto Port Authority and the Federal Government solidified this conception into a public agreement which was signed by all parties.

Porter Airlines revealed, with no advance notice that it planned to purchase jets which require an 1102 feet (336 metre) runway extension at the Billy Bishop Airport. The runway extension required to accommodate Porter Airlines’ request represents a major change to the physical environment and auditory impact of the Island Airport, which is a violation of the spirit of the tripartite agreement.

Councillor McMahon encourages Porter Airlines to use Pearson Airport as its base for medium/long haul flights as every other airline wishing to land in Toronto does. She cannot support turning a small local airport into a second major air traffic hub.

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Enviro Day on May 16th!

Come partake in Community Environment Day at Ted Reeve Arena Thursday May 16th between 4-8PM.

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, May 6, 2013. Category: Photos.

Motion to Remove Toronto from jurisdiction of OMB

Monday Feb 6, 2012

Today in council chambers Councillor McMahon spoke in favour of the motion to petition the Province of Ontario to remove the city of Toronto from the jurisdiction of the Ontario Municipal Board that passed with a majority vote. Councillor McMahon pointed out that residents are very concerned about the evolution and development of their neighbourhoods and “most of all they want input and consultation, the chance to be heard”

She noted that the long term environmental and social costs of sprawl are well documented and that developers, for the most part, just want to build the homes and shops to house our growing population. Everyone will benefit from greater clarity and local accountability.

Councillor McMahon stated that “none of this can happen however with an OMB hovering over us and overriding our decisions and second guessing our residents, our planners, and our municipal process.”

Councillor McMahon went on to say that there was a time when the OMB was much needed here in Toronto, but that time is past  “At this point, tthe OMB is ultimately a destabilizing force, creates distrust and instability,” she said. “No one feels they can trust anyone or any plan because they fear that a six storey buildings opens the way for eight storeys, ten storeys, and so on. Good design for the common good is getting lost in the fray.”

In closing Councillor McMahon stated that everyone benefits from greater clarity and consultation in planning, developers, residents, planners and businesses. “It’s time we made our own decisions about planning our own city and neighbourhoods.”