Feb. 4th: Traffic, Transit and Parking in the Beach

We need to improve the flow of cars, transit, bikes and pedestrians in our neighbourhood and across the city. Come out and tell us what you think Toronto should do to keep everyone moving.

Councillor McMahon is hosting a transportation information session which will include a Q & A with senior managers from: 

  • Transportation Planning,
  • Transportation Services,
  • Toronto Parking Authority and;
  • TTC

Monday, February 4th
Balmy Beach Club (foot of Beech Avenue)


  1. Mary MacKenzie says:


    I understand that due to the size of the new streetcars some stops will be adjusted.

    I would advocate for a stop at Woodbine and Queen East bound on the same NE corner as the 92 Woodbine Bus.

    Currently to switch from the streetcar to the bus, one has to walk back 2 blocks and cross at a busy set of traffic lights, then walk about .5 blocks north.

    And the odd time the streetcar is not on schedule one could wait at the same corner and hop aboard a street car or the bus, which ever comes first.
    It is very frustrating … and chilly.. to be standing at the bus stop and see the streetcar go by but be 2.5 blocks away. Ditto for opting for the streetcar only to see the bus go by but not be able to get on it.

    The current streetcar stop is a left over from the days when the Woodbine bus used to loop a Queen rather than the new beach loop.

    Best Regards

    • jane says:

      Hi Ms. Mackenzie,

      The new streetcars will be longer and one or two stops in the Beach might be altered as a result. I will pass on your comment about the Woodbine and Queen intersection to TTC staff for our area. The easier it is for people to use transit the more people will follow your lead!

      Thank you

      Edward Birnbaum
      Executive Assistant
      Office of Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon
      Ward 32, Beaches-East York
      Toronto City Hall
      100 Queen Street West, Suite B28
      Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

  2. Erness Wild says:

    Pot holes are an increasing annoyance this year and I saw a study whereby the air pressure in large buses was reduced to limit the pounding to the roads. The tires suffered no ill effects and the lesser shock and pounding to the roads also reduced the amount and size of potholes where the buses travel most. This cannot be done with waste removal vehicles as they carry much heavier loads.

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