Councillor McMahon on transit issues – Feb 2012

Transit is a critical issue for all Torontonians. Whether you take the subway, the bus or the streetcar, we all know it’s about moving people quickly and comfortably across every neighbourhood in this city. I believe that Torontonians need the facts about the plans, the costs, the timeline and the funding sources.

Earlier in February I supported the alternate plan put forward by Councillor Stintz that proposed that the Eglinton LRT come above ground east of the Don River. I also supported the proposal to study the viability of the Sheppard subway extension.

As much as I disagreed with TTC General Manager Gary Webster over the location of the Ashbridges Bay Storage Yard and the Gerrard India Festival fees for re-routing the streetcars, I was strongly opposed to how the TTC Commission conducted itself in dismissing him ‘without just cause.’

As a City Councillor I rely on dependable information and analysis from staff every day, from statistics on 311 calls to briefings from the Auditor General. Their ability to report and write reports without fear of reprisal is critical to good governance, and a transparent and accountable public service.

I will continue to monitor the transit issues and plans as they emerge at City Hall.

Councillor McMahon


  1. Hello Councillor McMahon,

    Just received 2013 Newsletter which I read with great interest.

    In regards to Transit Funding instead of trying to get funding from extra taxes, road tolls etc… why not start a TTC Lottery?
    This way people who do not use the TTC do not have to pay unless they want to – this coul’d be ongoing like all the other Ontario lotteries – I for one would by tickets on a regular basis as long as they are not over $2.00. per ticket – if for some reason this is not doable I would be interested in knowing why.
    Thank you for your time.

    Best regard,
    (Mrs.) Lene Hehir

    • jane says:

      Hello Ms. Hehir,

      This is a very interesting idea. I have heard that something similar was tried with speed limits and it was very successful. Drivers who followed the speed limit in certain areas were entered in a lottery and the prize was given out from the funds collected from speeding fines.

      Thank you for your email,

      Edward Birnbaum
      Executive Assistant
      Office of Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon
      Ward 32, Beaches-East York
      Toronto City Hall
      100 Queen Street West, Suite B28
      Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

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