Treemobile: A project of Transition Toronto

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Here is some information about a great environmental program in our city:

Transition Toronto is a community-level initiative whose goal is to make our city more resilient in the face of climate change, oil depletion, and economic instability.

As part of their ongoing efforts, Transition Toronto has created Treemobile, a volunteer-run project that provides fruit trees and shrubs at low cost, both for pick-up or delivery. 

If you have ever wanted fruit trees or shrubs in your yard, but were unsure about where to plant, what to plant, or where to obtain the plants, Treemobile can help!

For more information, please visit their website:

Or view their flyer: Treemobile

Thank you and have a great day!

Billy Bishop Island Airport Expansion Vote–April 1st, 2014

On Tuesday, City Council held an important vote on this issue. I want to update you on the decision City Council made and its impacts on the future of the Island Airport.

Despite the way the vote was described in the media, City Council was not asked to approve or deny permission for jets to land at the Island Airport. Rather, the question before Toronto City Council related to specific information and conditions that are required before a final decision can be made. I want to be clear about what was voted on by City Council on April 1st 2014.

City Council unanimously requested:

  • · An Environmental Assessment relating to extending the runways;
  • · An Airport Master Plan;
  • · An infrastructure plan;
  • · That the cost of infrastructure improvements be borne by the airport’s owners or users, not the general public;
  • · That the harbour safety zone will not be extended.

These are firm conditions that must be met before any changes to the Tripartite Agreement can be considered in March 2015.

Thank you and, as always, please send me your thoughts on what is happening in our neighbourhood and across the City.

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Kew Gardens Public Workshop Summary

Kew Gardens workshop image

The Kew Gardens Streetscaping Public Workshop was held at the Beaches Rec. Centre on March 18th. Residents from across the neighbourhood shared their ideas for the north end of the park and the stretch of Queen Street East immediately adjacent. Attached is a visual and written summary of the Workshop prepared by PLANT Architects.

Take a look at the Summary HERE.

Permit Parking ‘Switchover’ has been Delayed to April 15th

On-Street parking regulations are being slightly altered this spring. Residents with Permit Parking permits are being asked to delay switching their vehicles to the other side of the street until April 15.

For more information please take a look at the City of Toronto`s official statement on this topic.



Scarborough Rapid Transit

I supported constructing an LRT in Scarborough rather than a Subway.

In the summer of 2013, I agreed to explore the possibility of a Scarborough Subway as long as certain conditions were met. These conditions included a substantial Provincial contribution, and a financing plan that would not jeopardize other transit priorities for our City. These conditions were not met, and therefore, I voted for the fully-funded LRT plan.

I was very concerned that the cost of a subway extension would become a financial burden for the citizens of Toronto and, would not serve enough residents. Furthermore, the LRT plan could have been constructed much faster ensuring that residents of Scarborough would not be stranded without rapid transit for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, City Council voted 24-20 for the Subway extension plan. Although I did not support the decision I respect the will of Council.

Thank you,

Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon