The Ashbridges Park Skatepark-Bowl is Almost Ready

The new bowl at the Ashbridges Skatepark is almost finished. Contractors have finished the skate ledges, pathway and the perimeter fence. If the weather holds up, the skate bowl should be finished this year.

The Skate bowl has been poured and is almost ready for use.

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  1. I had the privilege of watching these guys from Spectrum at work. I must say the fact that these guys also skate these parks they build may lend itself as a real big advantage in teams of tangible understanding when it come to the engineering of, layout and design behind these concrete artworks but to be honest what I found most impressive was the quality of the work they do. You can see the pride these guys take in their work and the commitment they make to excellence shows. It is very rare to see these days in any trade anymore. I can’t wait for some better weather and a some clear time in my schedule to bust out my board and drop in for a rip!

    Patrick D. Harrington

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