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Kew Gardens Public Workshop Summary

Kew Gardens workshop image

The Kew Gardens Streetscaping Public Workshop was held at the Beaches Rec. Centre on March 18th. Residents from across the neighbourhood shared their ideas for the north end of the park and the stretch of Queen Street East immediately adjacent. Attached is a visual and written summary of the Workshop prepared by PLANT Architects.

Take a look at the Summary HERE.

Norwood Park Facelift

Just in time to close out the summer, the renovations to Norwood Park are complete.

Check out the newly paved walkways and benches around the park.

Norwood Park 130703 (4)

Norwood Park 130703 (12)

Have a seat on the new benches by the shaded sandboxes.

Norwood Park 130703 (11)

Dundas and Kingston Road Parkette Design Released

As a result of the work planned on Kingston Road this summer, a new parkette at the corner of  Kingston Road and Dundas will be constructed. The corner will be redesigned to be safer for pedestrians, driver and cyclists and new seating and green space will be installed. A public meeting was held last fall with local residents, the Councillor and planning staff.

Please let us know what you think!

Below are the conceptual drawings for the newly designed corner.
Kingston and Dundas Parkette Design

Unveiling of the New Stephenson Park Plan on April 2

Stephenson Park Unveiling

Join Friends of Stephenson Park and Councillor McMahon for a meeting on April 2 at the Community Centre 55 to discuss and view the new city plans for Stephenson Park.

Main Square Beautification Project

In July, the Councillor’s Office organized a Main Square Madness Party for local residents.  The area residents, the Councillor, and her staff got their hands dirty and began the process of beautifying a garden (behind the recreation centre).  As well, Monica donated her time to paint some innovative murals for the area.  The beautification project is now complete!  Check out the pictures below.  If you get a chance, visit the site and enjoy its new look.

BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

Additional Pictures

Councillor McMahon adding mulch to garden      Councillor’s Office staff helped beautify the garden

Monica painting a mural                                                Mural painted using silhouettes of children in the area

More murals by Monica  

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