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TTC Track Maintenance at Kingswood Rd. & Queen St. East

Priority Track Repairsunderground cabling - Queen and Kingswood




501 Queen Streetcar Detour May 11-June 21

Hello All,

Due to a TTC construction project, the Queen and Leslie intersection will be closed from May 11- June 21.

This closure is required for underground utility upgrades and the installation of the new streetcar tracks and infrastructure in the intersection.

This project will unfortunately require that streetcars and buses be diverted for the duration of the intersection closure.

The detour on the 501 Queen streetcar will take approximately 12 minutes more each way. The frequency of the 501 Queen streetcar will essentially be unchanged, with service continuing to be scheduled every 5-7 minutes throughout the day, and every 9-10 minutes in the evenings. The replacement bus service along Queen Street will be scheduled at about the same as the streetcar, every 5-7 minutes during the day and every 8-10 minutes in the evenings.

The detour can be viewed below:


For more information, please view the pdf version of this notice: Leslieville TTC Project

Have a great day!

Councillor McMahon Stands-up for Transit

Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, who at one point Thursday told her councillors to “grow a spine,” said some of her colleagues were reluctant to “stick their necks out” and endorse tolls or taxes. “We don’t want to tax our residents any more, but how the hell are we going to pay for transit?” she said.



At last week’s City Council meeting, Toronto was asked to recommend how to pay for transit expansion.  City Council chose to be timid and tepid in their recommendations, but Councillor McMahon was vocal in her support for realistic, dedicated revenue tools. The Globe & Mail, Now Magazine, The Toronto Star,  and 680 News all wrote about Councillor McMahon’s strong stance on transit funding.


Dundas and Kingston Road Parkette Design Released

As a result of the work planned on Kingston Road this summer, a new parkette at the corner of  Kingston Road and Dundas will be constructed. The corner will be redesigned to be safer for pedestrians, driver and cyclists and new seating and green space will be installed. A public meeting was held last fall with local residents, the Councillor and planning staff.

Please let us know what you think!

Below are the conceptual drawings for the newly designed corner.
Kingston and Dundas Parkette Design

Snow service during winter storms

Winter storms are a reality for Torontonians. We know that winter storms will happen, snow banks will pile up, and we will have to adapt to the weather. Councillor McMahon is following up with Transportation Services to relay all of your snow complaints and comments to ensure that our snow clearing services are continually improved.

How snow clearing works

As soon as snowfall begins, Transportation Services sends out salt trucks to the expressways, major roads and roads with dangerous hills or curves first. This is done to ensure that emergency vehicles can travel safely across the city. After this, the trucks move onto local roads.

Plows are sent to expressways when snowfall reaches more than two centimetres. For heavier snowfall, plows will move onto main roads during the storm to alleviate unsafe driving conditions.

Plows will avoid blocking sidewalks, crosswalks or piling snow onto parked cars whenever possible. However, sometimes it physically has to occur due to narrow roads. The city will clear windrows (the piles of snow at the road side after a plough has passed) only where it is physically able to do so. In Ward 32, there are very few places where this can occur due to our narrow streets.

Read more: Snow service during winter storms

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